To share the message of Jesus Christ in sports settings, helping student / athletes and coaches to integrate their faith with their sport, and to help motivate them to play well

Devotional Messages to Athletic Teams

The presentation of the message of Jesus Christ to student/athletes and coaches in the athletic environment where they participate; a practice field, team dressing room, dining facility, gymnasium, stadium, etc. The purpose is twofold. First, to help athletes integrate their faith in Jesus Christ with their efforts in the sport they play. Secondly, the message should help motivate the athletes and coaches to play better, heightening their awareness of the upcoming competition.

Bible Studies with Athletic Teams


A small group of individuals that gather to learn and increase their knowledge about the Bible, integrating their faith with athletics. The purpose is to provide a loving, accepting, supportive and confidential environment for student/athletes to share their everyday successes and struggles, while developing important relationships with each other. The distribution of Sports Spectrum magazine, Bibles and Resource materials are available.

Relationship Building through School Visits

Visitation of coaches and athletes on school campuses, before and after school. The purpose is to encourage, facilitate, schedule activities, and assess needs of the student / athletes and coaches in their everyday environment. To gather feedback on current activities that help organize and plan future activities, while facilitating general outreach communication.

Mini Camp

The Asheville Invitational "7-on-7" Mini-Camp was held in July at Asheville High School stadium. Over 100 athletes from Cherokee, Polk and Robbinsville High Schools joined Asheville High for a 6 game round robin format. The Mini Camp included a devotion after the competition by Jack Brinkley, on the 3D’s – “Desire, Discipline and Do It”, plus Gatorade and a hamburger! This was the 17th mini-camp co-hosted by Sports Outreach. Sports Outreach visited other 7on7 events and practices around the area.